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GCSE (Year 9 to 11)

Our GCSE courses are perfect for all students of GCSE . Our structured course is best for students aiming for A*. Our courses are designed in the most rigorous and exciting ways. We have books of different exam boards and study guides that can help  students to overcome their weak concepts and to achieve good grades.

Our GCSE preparation starts from year 9 and we prepare our students in such a way that before entering into year 11 he covers all the topics and starts his revision in the last year. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers assist the students not only in Maths and English but also in other subjects that includes: Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, English Language, Business Studies, Economics and ICT.




Mathematics & Statistics
Art &  Humanities

• Mechanics

• Further Maths

• Statistics

• Accounting

• Physics

• Chemistry

• Biology

• Literature

• Language

• Business Studies

• Economics


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