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11+ is an exam for students entering secondary school in year 7. Some selective school decide student’s entry into school on the basis of 11+


11+ is mainly consist of four subject areas: English, Maths, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning. Our 11 Plus courses are categorized according to year your child is in and is delivered by experienced teachers.


Our books and material ensures that your child is ready for their exam. They are  challenging and interesting. The content of the 11+ exam varies between different areas of the country but generally it will focus on a combination of the following four subjects:


Percentages, Long Multiplication, Long Division, Angles, Probability, Areas and Perimeter of Shapes, Handling Data, Fraction addition, subtraction and multiplication and Reasoning questions.


Grammar, Punctuation , Spelling , Word Types Comprehension and Writing

Alphabet Positions , Making Words , Word Meanings , Maths & Sequences, Logic & Coding


Spotting Patterns ,Similarities & Differences, Series & Grids, Codes

In year 11 plus, English and Maths topics are according to the National Curriculum. Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning are not school-based subjects. Therefor your child is likely to need additional support and practice with verbal and non-verbal exam questions.

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